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Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council (PIASC), on behalf of the Palm Island Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG), advise that UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, due to Coronavirus, travel to Palm Island is limited to those people involved in the provision of essential services in the community.

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590 Ingham Road, Mt Louisa QLD 4814

Freight deliveries accepted

Monday to Friday: 8.00am - 1.00pm


Lot 392 Old Jetty Road, Lucinda QLD 4850

Freight deliveries accepted

Monday to Thursday 8.00am-4.00pm

Friday 8.00am-3.30pm

Please call our office on 07 4777 8282 prior to  delivery.

A regular pallet must be 1.25m x 1.25m and up to 1.25m high and weight under one tonne.


Pick Up and Delivery Service

Pick up and delivery service is available in the Townsviille and Ingham area.  Contact our ofice on 07 4777 8282.  A priority service is available.




304 Boundary Street, South Townsville QLD 4810


 Chiller & freezer freight to be delivered by 4.00pm Monday

All shiller & freezer freight delivered to Harbourside Coldstores by 4.00pm Monday will be delivered to Palm Island on Tuesday.



Cargo travels to Palm Island on the open deck of the barge. Please package your cargo appropriately for double handling and wet weather conditions. Please note that repackaging will incur a fee. Palm Island Barge Company do not take any responsibility for freight. Please refer to our link below for a more comprehensive copy of our Terms and Conditions.

To assist with safe shipping please note the following: 

  • Pack boxes firmly.

  • Items over 30 kilos are best palletised especially if there are a number of items as this will be more cost effective.

  • Building materials must be securely strapped to dunnage.

  • Pallets and skids must be forklift-able.

  • Fragile items should be marked as such.

  • Palm Island Barge Company do not take any responsibility for items shipped. 

  • Furniture: All items must be disassembled and wrapped with no exposed surfaces. Eg blankets, felt.



  • Palm Island Barge Company's consignment note completion is the responsibility of the sender/delivery person. Incorrect or inadequate labelling could result in the item not being shipped or delivered correctly.

  • Please provide accurate information on the supplier, receiver, order numbers, contacts, and phone numbers.

  • Please collect and retain your sender's copy of the consignment note. Palm Island Barge Company can only follow up on deliveries with a consignment note number.

  • Label all packages with the business name, contact name, address and phone number of the receiver and sender.

  • If your package is being forwarded to Palm Island Barge Company from another transport company please label it eg: John Smith (ph 4770 1111) 21 Luma Luma Street, Palm Island C/- Palm Island Barge Company 590 Ingham Road, Mt Louisa 4814.



Please notify Palm Island Barge Company Pty Ltd if your freight contains dangerous goods. Senders are require to complete the section “HAZARDOUS GOODS DECLARATION” when lodging freight.

All Dangerous Goods must travel with an Emergency Procedures Guide.

What are Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods are substances or articles with hazardous properties which may:

  • explode

  • asphyxiate

  • burn

  • make explosive mixtures

  • poison

  • eat skin or metal

  • pollute the environment

  • become unstable if mixed with other products

Depending on its properties, each type of dangerous goods is assigned a UN (United Nations) number, and a class number.  





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