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Palm Island Barge Company provides a daily passenger ferry service to Palm Island Monday to Firday. (Our timetableis available on this website.) Walk-On passengers are welcome to travel to and from Palm Island with two pieces of carry-on luggage.  Additional carry on  luggage will be charged at a minimal rate.

Passengers are also able to travel with vehicles and should passengers wish to vacate their vehicles during the journey to and from Palm Island, they are welcome in the upstairs wheelhouse and outdoor seating area where complimentary tea and coffee is available, and softdrink is available for purchase. Please note that on HMV 'Lady Fraser' this facility is not available.

Our Company Policy requires all passengers travelling on the HMV 'Olympic' and 'Lady Fraser' to listen to the Safety Brief prior to departure and to conduct themselves in an orderly manner.

Alcohol restrictions apply on Palm Island. Passengers are only allowed one (1) carton of light beer per ticketed passenger. One carton of light beer is allowed per vehicle, regardless of the number of passengers travelling. Please note that beer must be in cans, not glass stubbies.

Palm Island Barge Company provides a freight service from Townsville to Palm Island Monday to Friday. Freight delivered to our depot in Townsville  will be delivered to our depot on Palm Island the next working day.

During the last ten years, we have endeavoured to provide a reliable, friendly, professional and a cost effective passenger, vehicle and cargo freight service to the residents and business community of Palm Island.

Should you have any queries in relation to sea freight services on Palm Island, please do not hesitate to telephone our office on 07-4777 8282.




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